About GPXZ

GPXZ aims to improve access to high-quality open elevation data.

I've been working with elevation data for ages. After making elevation services from scratch over and over again I built Open Topo Data, which lets you query your elevation datasets using an HTTP API.

GPXZ was born from feedback from Open Topo Data users:

  • the difficulty of working with multi-TB elevation datasets (hence the hosted paid GPXZ API)
  • and the inconvenience of needing multiple datasets to cover your domain (hence the merged global GPXZ dataset)

GPXZ LLC is proud to be a self-funded, profitable, small business.

About me

"Me" is Andrew, I run GPXZ with the help of some freelance developers. I have an education in applied mathematics and mechanical engineering, and work experience in web development and data science.

I occasionally do consulting on projects similar to GPXZ.