GPXZ is a long-term business

GPXZ is committed to running our service indefinitely.

Longevity is a core value of GPXZ, and has motivated a number of product and development decisions.

  • GPXZ LLC is 100% self-funded and owner operated. We have no mandate to grow.

  • GPXZ is a profitable business. Revenue from paid accounts is enough to cover operational costs plus development time at a market rate.

  • The technology powering GPXZ is designed to be low-maintenance. We use boring well-tested technology, on redundant dedicated servers, with no 3rd party services except a global load balancer. Every server error and 500 HTTP status response is investigated and fixed. As a result the vast majority of my time and effort goes towards adding new features and onboarding new customers. If GPXZ ever went into a legacy phase, service would be maintained existing paid customers.

  • GPXZ has been running since 2019 (initially as paid hosting for opentopodata). Since then no services or API endpoints have been shut down, and customers on legacy opentopdata hosting have not been required to migrate to GPXZ.

  • While GPXZ is mostly operated by Andrew (the owner), GPXZ also works with a few other developers to ensure constant service.

  • Some customers need more quantitative commitments than a blog post of bullet points, and I get that! For you, the account terms commit to a minimum of 6 months notice in the unlikely event of GPXZ ceasing to operate. For enterprise customers, I am able to put the GPXZ software and data in escrow, to be released in the event service is no longer provided.

Longevity is important in software, and is too often overlooked when evaluating service providers. If you’d like to talk more about GPXZ’s long-term commitment please send me an email!