Python web development

Hi, I'm Andrew, I run GPXZ with the help of some freelance developers. When we're not busy working on GPXZ we help other companies with Python web development.

Some projects we've worked on recently include:

  • Performance optimization of a Django application, reducing all response times to sub 100ms.
  • Map-based visualization of business forecasts.
  • Turning a prototype project into a production service.
  • Ongoing hosting and ops as a part-time engineering department.
  • Building a prototype/MVP SaaS application.
  • One-off consulting on best practices for scaling a Python webapp.

We can handle most anything in Python, but prefer to work these sorts of projects:

  • Web frameworks: Django, Flask, Starlette, FastAPI
  • Hosting: Dedicated, VMs, GCP, AWS
  • OS: linux, docker
  • Other: ML, data science, data visualization, geospatial

How we work

I (Andrew) will be your point of contact and I typically do most of the development. I'll loop in specialists for specific tasks (e.g., mobile development, database optimization, computer vision) or for projects that need an urgent turnaround.

Regardless, I handle all the project management: you get the skillset of a team with the simplicity of working with a freelancer.

So you're an agency?

Only in the sense that we bring a broad expertise to solve end-to-end problems!

We don't do endless sales pitches, six-figure minimums, or layers of middle management.

Want to talk about your project? Email [email protected].